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What To Know About Pipe Hangers?

Thursday , 26, November 2020 Comments Off on What To Know About Pipe Hangers?

Hangers are specifically designed for pipe support system. It is used to transfer the pipe load to the supporting hanger structure. In this load includes the weight of pipe, material that pipe carries, fitting attachment and and insulation which covers the outer part of pipe.

The main functions of pipe support system is absorb shock, anchor and support specified load. There are mainly two types of pipe support system primary and secondary. Primary support system directly attach to the main pipeline. On the hand, secondary supports attached to the pipe structure that works to supports the pipe.

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Primary and secondary supports are classified in three variations:

Adjustable Pipe Support: The design of adjustment pipe support is manual so that adjustment can easily occur, to suit specific site condition. A threaded assembly provides adjustment where the exact height is unclear, or the supports require retro-fitting. Adjustable width pipe supports utilize a slot and fastener configuration to allow flexibility in pipeline alignment.

Rigid: Rigid pipe supports restrict movement in at least one direction. This support system directly rests on the foundation that is supporting the pipe. It cannot be adjusted to suit construction or installation tolerances.

Elastic Pipe Support: Elastic pipe supports generally support hot piping, and can support pipes even when they are constantly moving up or down according to the pressure, temperature and flow of the substances inside the pipe.

These are the common types of pipe supports used in the oil and gas industry. There are also a other types of pipe supports that can be installed to support the weight loads and to restrain pipes from dynamic and thermal loads.