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Types of Visas for Indians to Study, Work or Live in Malaysia

Thursday , 23, April 2020 Comments Off on Types of Visas for Indians to Study, Work or Live in Malaysia

Malasiya is a hot spot for India now-a-days. There are different types of Visa for India to Visit, Work or Migrating to Malasiya. A different set of documents to be processed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and other relevant authorities to grant a visa. You can click at India online visa to Malaysia if you are getting any trouble while applying for visa.

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Visa types are available for India

Student Visa: India is the third most popular international destinations and 7 of 100 international universities. India institutions / universities to match global standards in the work output and the government to ensure foreign students can take advantage of the best education.  

Work visas: A work visa is an option for skilled workers from around the world to move and work in Malasiya. A system based on the points made by Skillselect. Depending on age, education, experience, skills, adaptability and language points are calculated.

Skilled Visa: Migrating to India on the basis of your skills is one of the most professional dream India see and Skillselect pave the way for this dream. You just need to put the EOI (Expression on Interest) along with all the information about your education, skills and experience; depending on the given points you will be placed on the list of achievements.