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Stop Thumb Sucking To Prevent Your Child From Dental Problem

Thursday , 23, April 2020 Comments Off on Stop Thumb Sucking To Prevent Your Child From Dental Problem

In infancy, kids feel relaxed and happy when they hold their favorite toy, teddy bears, blanket,  etc. Likewise, during the time of rest, they are pleased and comfortable to put their finger or thumb in the mouth.

Kids with thumb sucking habit has no trouble in sleeping because it provides comfort and relaxation to them while sleeping. It was found that between 75% and 95% percentage of children have a habit of thumb sucking. This habit can be harmful to the teeth of your child. So you can buy a thumb guard to stop thumb sucking via

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The thumb sucking problem of your child leads to get – buck teeth, crowding of teeth, open bite, crossbite. The thumb sucking causes tooth movements. Biting changes can cause problems in swallowing, chewing, and speaking.

The thumb sucking habit of a kid should be stopped after the age of 4 years because this behavior can affect their ability to learn and their participation in all activities.


  • Appreciate the kid whenever he stopped sucking his finger or thumb and avoid punishing a kid.

  • Be supportive and positive.

  • Whenever a child feels in danger or in need of comfort starts sucking his finger or thumb. Hence, you must remove the reasons that cause stress and make the child feel comfortable.

  • Observe the time when children tend to suck.

  • If the child is trying to put his hand in the mouth then find a way to stop without scolding your child.

  • Make your dentist explain to the children what is happening on the teeth due to thumb sucking.