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Is Hypnobirthing Right For You?

Monday , 1, June 2020 Comments Off on Is Hypnobirthing Right For You?

Hypnobirthing, also called the Mongan Method, is an approach to natural childbirth. This program aims to empower women to enjoy the calving process in conjunction with self-hypnosis techniques.

Developed by Marie Mongan, who holds a Master of Education and Master of Hypnotherapy, HypnoBirthing works to decrease unnecessary medical invasions during labor and delivery. Many women learn Hypnobirthing by choosing the best online Hypnobirthing classes

best online hypnobirthing

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The program focuses on HypnoBirthing to remind women that their bodies are built for delivery. The more you understand how the body works, the more you can help facilitate the process, reducing unnecessary pain or prolonged labor.

By relaxing fully in the process of birth, a woman can focus more clearly on progress and meet the baby that the baby needs.

Currently, HypnoBirthing of practitioners is certified in over 40 countries worldwide. All instructors must complete mandatory, intensive training.

The certification program includes a childbirth education program and an introduction to hypnosis for childbirth. Typically, instructors teach HypnoBirthing small online group classes.

This program strongly believes in the positive and important role that birth partners play in the birthing process, so the classes must be taken as a couple.

Participants can purchase a manual, a CD with relaxation tracks, a DVD with women sharing their personal stories, and several other elements relevant to the course.