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How To Get Lyft Driver Referral Bonus

Friday , 8, May 2020 Comments Off on How To Get Lyft Driver Referral Bonus

Lyft and Uber want new drivers, they try different methods like a Lyft referral bonus to get new drivers and encourage existing driver's friends to register.

The current driver takes their referral or promo code, invites friends to register, then both the new driver and existing driver will receive a bonus accordingly. Click here to know more about Lyft driver referral bonus.

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Method For Existing User:

Take your referral or promo code from the dashboard of your partner under "Invite."

Now give that promo or referral code to your friends and inform them to put it when they signup as a new driver.

Remind your friends to complete the sign-up process and complete the required number of vehicles *.

** Bonuses will be automatically credited to your account after they did this.

The new drivers (Referee):

Use the referral code that you received from a friend when you sign up as a new Lyft Or Uber driver. If you are using the referral link, automatically have to enter the code for you.

Once enabled, you must complete a certain number of rides * within 30 days.

** Bonus will be automatically credited to your account after you have satisfied the requirements of the number of trips.

* The number of rides that are needed in a period of 30 days to get the bonus is usually between 50 to100 rides, depending on your city

** The bonus amount depends on the city of a new driver