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Himalayan Pink Salt – Why You Should Add it to Your Cooking

Monday , 18, May 2020 Comments Off on Himalayan Pink Salt – Why You Should Add it to Your Cooking

Himalayan pink salt is formed from rock salt that is mined in the Himalayan Mountains of China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. It's collected by scooping salt out of rock crags or by drilling holes into it.

When pink salt is exposed to air, it begins to crystallize. The crystallization process forms crystals that vary in color from light beige to dark brown. Some crystals are gray, while others may be darker.

Himalayan salt is not as popular as some of the other types of sea salt, but it's worth considering if you like a high quality, natural ingredient in your food. Himalayan pink salt has been used for centuries by Indian and Chinese to add flavor to their dishes, and also to season them.

Salt crystal, which is a form of crystallized mineral, can have several different colors. You can find such minerals as:

Green, purple, and yellow are the most common natural colors of salt crystal. Sometimes, red or black salt crystals can be found, as well.

Himalayan pink salt is an excellent ingredient for many dishes. If you're planning a meal that includes white wine, you might want to consider using Himalayan pink salt.

Rice and other grains are seasoned with the Himalayan salt. When you use the salt in cooking, you're adding a little bit of extra flavor to a dish that many people may not appreciate at first.

For instance, if you have a chili pepper sauce on the stove, you can actually sprinkle the salt on before adding the pepper. This will allow the flavor to penetrate the dish and give it a wonderful taste. However, if you're using the salt in a less exotic dish, such as noodles, you may want to sprinkle the salt on the right before the noodles come out of the water.

Himalayan pink salt, of course, tastes better when you add it to cooked food. Many cooks prefer to use this type of salt because it's slightly bitter. This prevents the seasoning from burning.

Also, you don't need a lot of salt to use Himalayan salt. Some recipes recommend only half a teaspoon of the salt, but you should still use more if you like a stronger flavor.

In addition to being used in cooking, Himalayan pink salt is often used in desserts, such as chocolate ice cream, cookies, and brownies. A small pinch of Himalayan pink salt goes great with your chocolate ice cream and your brownie recipe.

No matter what your food preferences, you're sure to enjoy the flavorful goodness of Himalayan salt. No matter where you get your salt, use it and enjoy.