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Essential Facts about Gelato

Wednesday , 13, January 2021 Leave a comment

A common misconception about gelato is that it is just plain ice cream. While this is the Italian word for ice cream, these two products are very different from one another, especially when compared to American ice cream. If you've never tried the rich texture and complete gelato flavour you are sure to miss. Gelato ice cream is manufactured in a different kind of mechanism, which is called gelato machines.

Gelato contains many of the same ingredients as traditional ice cream that most people know and love. Several things make it different. First, it is made from milk, various sugars, creams and flavourings. You can find it made from a lot of fruit and rich chocolate.

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However, unlike most ice cream products, this food is made with fresh fruit and not fruit puree. This creates part of the difference in the structure and taste of this product.

  • Air factor

One thing that makes it different is the use of air. This ice cream is softer than any other version in the United States. It contains little or no air, which means that the volume is often less for the overall intensity of the taste.

  • Sugar problem

Another difference is sugar. Each milk-based product contains 16 to 24 per cent sugar. In contrast, most American ice cream contains 12 to 16 per cent sugar. However, please note that most of this sugar comes from natural sources of fresh fruit, not from the added flavour.

Now that you know the difference between ice cream and ice cream, it's time to try a little. Pick your favourite flavours and try them side by side to see which ones are too good to get rid of. You will find that you enjoy this Italian delicacy more than any other product so you can't miss it.

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