The Advantages of Squarespace

The Squarespace designer for websites also features a wide array of other features. This web service provides Squarespace templates and Squarespace themes for every imaginable facet of web design. To get more information about Squarespace, you can visit

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Many of the features are exciting innovations not available in other similar services, and those considering this service can look forward to easing of use and an impressive array of features.

For instance, when it comes to Squarespace templates for a web page, there are more than 85 to choose from, all by designers with well-known brands working for Squarespace.

Templates come in a variety of styles, including multiple column layouts, and easily utilize such features as drop-down menus, point and click design and a layout that is completely customizable. Users can also create Squarespace themes for Squarespace's state-of-the-art blog module.

Squarespace designer services also feature a photo gallery module that is second to none. Features include automatic image resizing, endless hover and transition effects, lightbox integration (this lets the image be viewed across the whole browser), the ability to show multiple galleries of photos at the same time, and more.

Another impressive feature of this service is the customizable internal search engine. A professional designer can create a cohesive design for a website with Squarespace themes and Squarespace templates.

Hiring a Squarespace designer is ideal for someone with minimal website design experience who wants a unique website that stands out from all the competitors.