Apple’s upcoming desktop operating system feels more like a phone than previous systems. How? Find out by listening to (or watching!) episode ten of Technophilia Podcast.

This week: James tries out Apple’s new Messages program for the desktop, letting him send free SMS messages from his computer. Justin plays with the latest XBMC beta, which is shaping up to be the ultimate media center software. And Dave likes to digitally beat people up, so he talks about UFC Undisputed 3.

And, of course, the headlines:

  • Details about Apple’s upcoming operating system surfaced this week, and the order of the day seems to be making OS X more iOS-like. Is this the beginning of the end or a new revolution in computing?
  • For the past three business quarters people between the age of 12 and 34, a coveted group for advertisers, have been watching less TV. Social networks, video games and online videos are carving into television’s precious profits.
  • Did you know people still watch music videos? Us neither, but they do, and Vevo is a company that helps people watch them without pirating. But apparently they’re not above pirating football games

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