How To Increase Your Vertical Leap

Jumping requires your body to execute a series of complex motions, using your muscles to transfer a burst of power from you to the ground, propelling yourself upwards. The most effective way to increase the vertical distance in your leap is to jump more. However, there are additional techniques and exercises that will help hone your body, focusing its power, and increasing your jumping height.

You can find many programs on the internet which can teach you what you can do to increase your vertical jump. Quite a few of them tend to focus on what you will be doing on court. Basically these are drills to help your vertical jumping get even higher.

On the other hand, improving the overall quality of your lower body muscles is the best way to get a higher jump. The strength of your legs is directly related to how high you can jump. By doing squats as part of your exercise routine, you can absolutely improve your jump.

You won’t find a better exercise than squatting. Every important muscle in your lower body is exercised through this movement, from your glutes to your quadriceps. You can also experience stimulation in the muscles on your calves, lower back and hamstrings as well. Jumping involves the cooperation of all these muscles.

Adding the squat to any training regiment will help your vertical leap reach even higher heights. The squat can be dangerous however. For the best result do only a few reps with heavy weights to add explosiveness to your jumps. Make sure when you train you do it safely, always consult with either a trainer or a coach before making attempts to preform these squats.

Once my knee was injured during training for my vertical jumps, squats got it working again. I was able to get back in the game quickly, but I kept doing it for the results I was getting. As soon as I started training once more, the squats were helping me prevent further leg injury. It didn’t take me long to discover that the squat is done by pretty much every pro athlete.

I have enjoyed high levels of success since utilizing the gym as part of my vertical training program. I feel that using squats is perhaps the most effective way to increase your vertical jumps. Hopefully, this information has been worthwhile and you are considering including squats into your personal fitness training program.

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