How to Install A Software


When you purchase a new computer, then you have to install some software’s on it. However, there are some application software’s that are by default installed in the system but some software like virus protection and much more have to be installed by yourself.

Here are few tips that can help you to install software on your system very easily and keep your system running optimally.

Step 1

First of all, before installing any software you should do a thorough research on how to install software on your computer. You should always check for reviews, pros and cons and user ratings before installing any software.If in case you are facing difficulties while installing software then you can take help from Atlanta Computer Services, as they are specialised in resolving any kind of computer issues.

Step 2

Basically, most of the application software is available in the form of CD or DVDs. You just have to put that CD or DVD in the slot of your computer DVD drive.

Step 3

When you put the CD or DVD in the slot then a set of instructions will appear on your screen. There are two different ways for software installations. One way is through an exec file that contains actual installation. You can run this file and it will install the software on your hard drive. Some of the software will show its own dialog box with the instructions to install.

Step 4

After that it will ask for your permission to run the software, you just need to click on allow button. Now, you will see an installation wizard on your screen. After installation is finished click on the ok button to complete the installation process.