Prayer – Questions and Answers about Prayer

Everyone knows something about prayer – whether they realize it or not. Even if you don't use the word, "prayer," that concept is an inevitable part of your daily life. If you are looking for the christian prayer book, then you can click: Deliverance From Evil Spirits Prayer – BRIDE Ministries.

Some people think they know how to pray and some don't think; but most people only have an understanding of the prayer given to them when they were children. And that is not a very clear – or profound – understanding of what prayer really is.

Here are some of the more general questions and misconceptions that I hear about prayer – along with some answers that might help you find a more useful or practical understanding of our spiritual nature and what and who we really are.

Q. Do you have to be religious to pray?

A. Absolutely not. Prayer is considered; in particular, prayer is focused thinking. And, we usually only focus our thoughts on things that really matter to us. Humans always do this and, as a result, they always find answers, instructions, liberations, etc.

Q. Are my prayers answered because of my personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

A. Your thoughts about, and relationships with, Jesus may be very important to you, but that is not the reason your prayer is answered. If you are a Christian, I assume at least you have seen the Bible.

Prayer is part of Jewish culture – along with others that are countless – long before the time of Jesus. And prayer is always answered – even for people who have never heard of Jesus.