Rental Tent Company: What You Must Ask Before Hiring One?

There are several different styles and types of tents rentals and thousands of tent rental companies available in the American market including all the military surplus stores. For whatever reasons you might require a tent, there are a few questions you have to ask before signing a contract with the company.

Listed below are a few questions that you need to ask your tent rental company to get a better experience:

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How long are you in this business?

You’re seeking a company that has been in business for a longer time. Tent rental businesses which exist for at least ten years must be having something supreme and because events are getting increasingly complex you want a business with a whole lot of experience.

How old is the tent that I am going to rent?

Tents do not last for a longer time and if maybe the kind, the cloth can become damaged and dull over time. Some of the companies providing army tent rentals change their stock every few years while others replace their tents over several years. The newer the tent, the better will be the quality.

Alaska Structure Air Force Small Shelter (Version 2 In Green)

Can my tent be clean and hygienic?

Sounds pretty normal but you will be surprised to know the number of tents grasped with dirt, mold and mildew due to money or time pressures on the tent rental firm. You have a right to get a clean tent so inquire about its present condition and get it in written.

Is my tent engineered?

The tents having smaller size aren’t a major concern, but in most of the jurisdictions, tents, particularly large ones, come under inspection from fire and building inspectors.

The last thing you need is an event that is not permitted due to a lack of technology for your tent. Top tent rental companies having quality tents manufactured using advanced technology.