What You Should Know About Staffing Agencies


Nowadays staffing agencies have gone beyond our expectations and also providing many services to companies as well as finding job openings for job seekers over the country. These agencies are also known as the employment agencies, whose agents are sometimes referred to as headhunters, act as a recruitment service for companies who outsource their hiring requirements.

In other words, staffing agency agents specialize in industry knowledge and selecting and hiring people for particular jobs, conducting and dealing with the payroll responsibilities, and dealing with other matters such as disciplinary actions and employee claims on the behalf of a company that uses them.

While these companies are a good resource for those companies that do not want to dabble in the hiring affairs, and for job seekers having difficulty landing the steady position, there are some things that job seekers must know. Usually, when a job seeker working with a staffing agency Toronto then many things will happen.

Firstly, the candidate will be interviewed for the particular position to which they apply. If all goes according to the plan then the candidate is hired on a temporary deal with the staffing agency and then released to a company for a full-time job at a later date.

In the case that the candidate is not chosen for the particular position for which they have applied then the staffing agency will keep their name in a record on file within the agency. Any potential job matches will then be flagged and the candidate will be contacted again in the event that future matches fit their needs.

An essential note to make that sometimes drives interviewees off and even prevents them from wanting to interview is that most staffing agencies need a computer skills assessment examination before they will also interview you for one of their projects. It is always a great idea to sharpen up on your skills and knowledge before going to an interview.