What Is So Interesting About Reading And Writing Books?


Books are like mirrors of past, present, future and a blend of human’s imagination and we all know there is no end to the imagination of a human mind.

Book writing – It all begins with sense of wonder.

Any how the major concern behind writing this article is to help you develop interest towards the book’s world.

Sooner or later, at some point it hits you, the magical attraction to books. It may be books by a specific author or books about a definitely engaging concept or it may be the pure joy of holding an exclusive volume with a convincing physical appeal.

Though it happens, whatsoever causes it, there is an upsurge of fondness and an unexpected sense of wonder.

science fiction

Here is a small example for you; recently a science fiction book was launched, named Book Series – Earth to Centauri, this book is a wonder and very quickly became the eye candy of various book reads, all around the world.

So…What we are trying to convey here that it is important to keep in mind that almost all book amassers begin as readers.

Slowly Readers become collectors when they find that the books themselves have become significant objects in and of themselves.

It is not always a god gift; some skills can be built with time. The book has exceeded the state of being merely a vehicle for passing on the author’s stories and opinions and becomes an object with inherent beauty and value.

Point To consider: Object and content both together enhance each other, intensifying the irreplaceable experience the book brings to its owner.

The famous author Gernsback once said that “sense of wonder comes not from brilliant writing, nor even from brilliant conceptualizing; it comes from a sudden opening of a closed door in the reader’s mind.”

Nearly all the Science Fiction books and Fantasy book collectors instigate as readers.

Such readers remain content with reading a library copy or a paperback edition and think of the book as merely as a medium for assigning the author’s subject matter and justify no more consideration than that.

science fiction books

Sounds little complicated, but you can go through useful resources to get detailed information on books and their charm on people from the internet.

For such readers things like the edition of a book, or its condition don’t matter. They perceive little difference between a hardcover first printing and a paperback reprint.

The joy they receive from a book, and one must acknowledge that very real pleasure, comes from the author’s content alone. All other considerations are inconsequential.