Consumerist Electronics Show

Ubuntu’s likely to be on tablets! We can not wait to hear the reason why this is a fantastic reason to change to Mint. Microsoft asserts the US Government is allowing Google to eliminate anticompetitive behavior.

We do not doubt if there is 1 thing Microsoft understands well, it is anticompetitive behavior. And just two of the simplest methods to set up pirated software on iOS apparatus closed down, thereby ending piracy on such platform eternally.

We are finally back! It is episode 49 of Technophilia: Consumerist Electronics Show, so called for the location Dave is rather than us. Do not worry: he will be back a week, together with tales of marginally interesting things he saw.

This week: Justin justifies neglecting his settlements using a huge speech about the timing is relative. James talks about how pleased his new camera gets him and Justin makes enjoyment of this CES a small bit.