What You Must Know About Scuba Diving to Stay Protected In the Water

Some might believe an activity such as underwater diving is possibly very dangerous. It is true that deep-sea diving has some safety dangers that rookies ought to comprehend. But the truth is, pretty much any physical sport might lead to injury if you aren't cautious. There are many advanced scuba divers that have been scuba diving for many decades and they've never been in a life and death event. So long as you realize what safety measures to perform, the likelihood of you experiencing an issue are radically lowered. In this article, we shall address the safety tactics you ought to know so you're able to be as safe as possible while snorkeling.

If you don't have experience with underwater diving, then you need to take a course from a qualified deep-sea diving trainer. It is important that you get instructed on the right techniques as it is often challenging to unlearn old habits if you were coached poorly the first time. Your scuba diving instructor will go over the fundamentals including safety tips and guidelines on how to utilize the tools. You will learn ways to maintain snorkeling equipment so that they won't malfunction on you while you are snorkeling.

When you are taking deep-sea diving classes, you will have the chance to make friends with others that happen to be enthusiastic about this pastime. You may not presume this is crucial, but deep-sea diving alone is genuinely pretty dangerous. You never know when an apparatus malfunction will arise, and having company close by can save you. The most important rule when snorkeling, even when you are a professional, is to not dive by yourself.

Several of you are worried about dealing with wild animals while deep-sea diving, but hardly any problems arise from meetings with wildlife. The typical factors behind difficulties usually are apparatus failures or failure to sticking to proper safety procedures. For the reasons discussed in this article, know that diving with someone else is key simply because they can look after you in case anything fails.

Benefits of Luau Party Planning

There are those who set the tone for a fun and entertainment from beginning as a luau themed party. Going to a luau is the perfect time, as many people can attest, but throwing a luau can be almost as fun as just being a party participants.

However, to put on the best luau, you will need to pay close attention to a luau party planning. you can even take help from online sites such as hawaiiluaucompany.com/huakai-luau. While this can be a lot of work, these companies would help you make your event a day to remember. The results can make any amount of work to throw a big luau is worth every bit of time and effort put into it.

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The first step is the first impression of your luau when it comes to those you want to attend and this is a matter of law. It will be the first impression of your party and it is important to get this one right. Your luau invitations will set the tone for your party in the eye and you want to make sure you put your best foot forward on this one.

Invitation itself should indicate what type of party it will be, so it will require a luau theme style luau invitations. With so many resources online printing is available, you may be able to make the invitations perfect on your computer. however, if this is beyond your expertise you can always seek professional printer to invite your party or visit a party store.

The next thing that you should address in your luau party planning is about food that will be served. Again, like party invitations that are important to show your party theme, the food should reflect luau theme as well.

Kawasan Falls Adventure Canyoneering Guide for Everyone

Kawasan falls canyoneering is a very famous activity for both local and foreign travelers. The whole activity will take around 3 hours but can take 4 hours for a bigger group. You can choose between downstream canyoneering which is from Kanlaob River in Algeria to Kawasan Falls or upstream canyoneering, Kawasan Falls to Kanlaob River. If you are a beginner, I suggest downstream first since upstream is pretty difficult. In downstream, you'll be jumping, swimming and walking while in upstream, replace that jump with a climb.  


Tips and Guide

  • You should start early since the canyoneering activity will take 3-5 hours to finish the. The last possible time to start is around 2 or 3 pm so that you can finish Canyoning before sun down. 
  • Wear comfy sports shoes since there will be lots of slippery rocks on the trail and it won’t be an easy one.  
  • Your guide will take a dry bag that you can pop essentials in, but otherwise you are welcome to bring your own. Don’t be shy to ask for your guide to hold your things. 
  • Take a GoPro with you or you can rent one, just ask where you can possibly rent a GoPro. A lot of epic and stunning views that is worth taking pics for in the area. I bet you wouldn’t want to miss every single shot of the beautiful place you will be passing. 
  • Have an extra battery with you on your dry bags, since it will be a long trail so you need extra batteries to keep on going. Your guide can hold it for you too! 
  • When you reach Kawasan Falls, you can eat foods there since there’s a lot of foods stalls in the area. You can chill and relax there after a long trekking, climbing and jumping. 
  • You can also rent a bamboo raft that can take you around the turquoise pool and even bathe under the waterfall. It will be so relaxing! 


Things you shouldn't do: 

  1. DON’T just jump anywhere you feel, wait for your guide to tell you when to jump and when not to. 
  2. DON’T throw your trash anywhere, please! Just put it in your pocket, and throw it afterwards when you see a trash bin. A little act like this will absolutely help the community keep the area clean. 
  3. DON’T bring unnecessary gadgets and also cards such as ATMs, credit and debit cards. You won’t get to use it in the area anyways. 


Getting to Kawasan from Cebu 

  • Get a taxi or any public transportation that can take you to Cebu South Bus Terminal (a few blocks from E-Mall and Colon). 
  • At the Cebu South Bus Terminal, you can then take a bus ride to Bato via Barili and jump off at Kawasan Falls in Badian which usually costs around PHP120 (around $2). Travel time is about 2-3 hours depending on traffic and the speed of the bus. 
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you took the bus that goes to Bato via Barili since the other bus that goes to Bato via Oslob will never pass Badian. 
  • Inform the driver or bus conductor to drop you off at the Matutinao Church in Badian. Ask he locals there where you can possibly take the canyoneering activity, they will absolutely lead you to the right area.