Apple announced something last week. Did the global media think about whether it was important, or simply cover it because it’s Apple saying something? Find out in episode 13 of Technophilia Podcast: How To Ruin A Segue.

This week: MakeUseOf staff writer Chris Hoffman joins us to talk about the Windows 8 developer preview. He also introduces us to Soluto, a program for remotely supporting computers for friends and family.Justin unsubscribes from crap email using Unsubscribr and thinks you should too. Dave listens to the news using Snackr for some reason. And James loves the new version of iMovie for iPhone. Scroll down to see it in chicken-related action!

All this, and experiences playing Skyrim, in this amazing episode, along with the headlines.

  • Apple managed to use the global media as its personal PR department last week. Justin rants; the team tells him media outlets are just giving the people what they want. Journalism!
  • Google combines the Android Market, Google Books, Google Music and Google Video into one service with a stupid name: Google Play. We make fun of the name and try to figure out what (if anything) Google is thinking.
  • Bittorrent users are spoiled children. A new, non-Divx format is causing pirates to complain instead of thanking volunteers for providing free entertainment. How are media companies supposed to keep people happy if free isn’t good enough?

Oh, and James made an epic chicken trailer:

Coming soon to theatres near you.

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4 comments on “Episode 13: How To Ruin A Segue

  1. Episode 13 – When James’ Apple fanboy credentials became even clearer 😉

  2. Cool episode
    Soluto has already helped me since this episode was released so thanks.
    James’ film looks set to win every award in the history of ever!

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