Three episodes and we haven’t killed each other yet. We can’t believe it ourselves, but here we are.

James and Dave spend a good portion of the show talking about Skyrim while Justin sits sadly in the corner and plays with his Wii. Of course, we dabble in some useful applications and discuss the latest weird news from the tech world.

Check out some of the Apps we talk about on the show:

Google Music




Check out some links to the news stories we talk about:

The Rapture Already Happened…On Facebook

Groove Shark Sued For $15 billion dollars

We will be doing a special James and Dave only edition this week, as Justin has a busy weekend of Wii sports and wishing he was playing Skyrim. Without Justin to keep Dave and James in check I can only imagine what kind of craziness will take place on this show.

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8 comments on “Episode 3 – Skyrim (and other stuff)

  1. Man, we are awesome.

  2. Wooo!
    New episode!

  3. Out of curiosity, how do you come up with ideas for posts/podcasting?

    • jamie Dec 2, 2011

      Well, the first section is literally just stuff we’ve been using. As writers for MakeUseOf.com, we tend to spend a lot of the time messing around with new software to filter out the crap and report on the good stuff, so we usually come across something cool. Although personally I rarely use webapps or new internet sites. I’m more of a gamer and tech head myself.

      Justin finds most of the news stories I think. He’s good at that 😉

  4. Also talking about Americans knowing European geography, watch this video on YouTube:
    It is obviously exaggerated but still quite funny!

    Before I make ANOUTHER comment – do you have a group twitter account?

    • jamie Dec 2, 2011

      No group twitter. WE need to get the web page sorted first. It’s a bit plain right now, just a container for the podcast feed.

      That video is pretty hilarious, though I guess they have cherry picked the answers to only show the dumbest. I could probably make a similar video here in the UK without too much difficulty!

      • I live in the UK to and some of the answers people say are truly cringe-worthy!

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